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Child Support

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Child Support and Family Law

Child support is normally determined by which parent has primary custody of a child. Therefore, child support is a consequence of child custody. You may want to review the facts on the child custody page, because in most cases, you cannot receive child support unless you have legal custody of a child. The parent who the child does not primarily reside with usually pays child support. This payment is normally a monthly payment to the other parent for support of the child. Many times circumstances change that make the initial child support in a divorce decree or custody order too low, or too high, and changing the amount becomes necessary to bring the support within the guidelines established by Texas law. This does require going back to court in most cases.

These changes are very fact dependent, so a consultation with a family law attorney is a good idea to determine whether you are receiving (or paying) the correct amount of child support.

Some common problems people have with child support that Mr. Casteel deals with are:

  Support payment is too high (paying parent makes less money now) -Support payment is too low (paying parent makes more
      money now).
   Downward change in income for parent paying support.
   Support going to parent with whom child no longer resides.
   Paying parent is self-employed, and not paying enough.
   Parent obligated to pay is not paying.
   Support not in accordance with legal guidelines -Support collection does not terminate when child is eighteen.

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